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31st October 2017
Don't be left out in the cold this Winter...   Sure Chemicals Ltd offer a wide range of products to make the chilly season a little more manageable. Make sure to get the best quality products and avoid the empty shelves of supermarkets by buying...
3rd October 2017
* PRODUCT OF THE MONTH * ~ October 2017 ~ SureMagic Glass Cleaner   Izzy - "We use it in my house all the time, it doesn't leave streaks on the windows and works well on shower doors too."            
12th September 2017
  Our eBay store (surechemicalsltd) has received 100% positive feedback over the past 5 years. To celebrate, here are just a few comments left by customers in the last six months.      HAPPY SHOPPING, THE SURE CHEMICALS TEAM      
11th September 2017
The product of the month for September, is our 'All Purpose Detergent Concentrate' Carla - "It has lots of different uses but I like to use it as washing up liquid at home because, personally, I find it better than *leading market brands* as well as...
8th September 2017
Wondering why your car never looks quite as good as when you pay someone to do it?  Here are 5 reasons you aren’t getting the best results: 1 – NOT USING THE PROPER CLOTHS The use of something convenient like a hand towel or tea towel isn’t...
8th September 2017
PRODUCT OF THE MONTH  To show all Sure Chemicals Ltd has to offer and introduce products you may not have known existed, we are introducing 'Product Of The Month' (POTM). Each month we will be sharing a product that one of our colleagues uses...
1st June 2017
Check out our latest video of Muck Muncher in action......impressive!!
15th September 2015
  Over the next few weeks and months you will notice changes to the labels applied to our products. Our new company logo and contact details will be displayed alongside newly introduced health and safety legislation. This new legislation means...