Cleaning & degreasing (catering)

£3.78 (exc. VAT)
A pleasant smelling quaternary pine disinfectant ideally suited for cleaning and disinfecting in toilets, bathrooms, laundries, washrooms, sick rooms, etc. and as a general...
£16.38 (exc. VAT)
A highly effective semi-buffable floor polish for use on PVC floor tiles, rubber and vinyl flooring and linoleum. See Product Information sheet below for more information.
£11.83 (exc. VAT)
A blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, water softener, and caustic alkali, specially developed for the cleaning of all hard surfaces found in food preparation and...
£12.88 (exc. VAT)
A blend of solvents, which have been combined to produce this excellent cleaner that dries streak-free.  For use on windows, mirrors, cabinets, hard surfaces, stainless...