Paint strippers

£83.53 (exc. VAT)
A cold immersion de-carbonising solvent for the removal of carbonised oil, paint, grease, etc from metal components such as engines, gearboxes, machinery, processing...
£94.27 (exc. VAT)
A powerful acid activated cold immersion paint stripper capable of removing most types of paint and polymer coatings. An effective stripper for alloy wheels in particular....
£35.53 (exc. VAT)
A viscous brushable paint and graffiti remover. It does not contain methanol, methylene chloride or chlorinated solvents and is water rinseable and non flammable. See Product...
£16.67 (exc. VAT)
A quick drying chlorinated solvent widely used for cold degreasing and paint stripping. It will also remove ink, gum, tar, and some resin deposits. See Product Information...